Questionable text ad emails from Linkstar UK Limited

Anyone been receiving the new...

Would you be interested in selling some advertising space on your website, or, etc.?
We act on behalf of a reputable client base and can tailor a text- based ad that would complement your site. We can also offer a 12 month up-front rate for simplicity.
Please let me know if you would like more information.
Kind regards,
Geytchian Wakefield
So far I've had several clients receiving this email from different Linkstar staff  (I call them email spammers.) Having investigating this myself, I would recommend deleting their emails and move on. All you have to do is look up Linkstar UK spam and you'll find tons of others forwarning you.
More information about this here and here.


Unknown said...

Thanks, Lisa. Good info.

lauren bode said...

Thank you Lisa, I googled them and found this information. My website address is:
I found it a bit strange because it is such a specific product that there would only be a few people interested in advertising on my site.
Thank you. Lauren

Don James said...

Thanks Lisa. They've been in contact. DJ

Angeline said...

It's sad to think that these things happen in the digital world. People behind these phishing scams are well trained to do such acts. For a company to stop receiving such scam emails, it is an essential thing to install anti spam service to protect the company and the employees.

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