TCF Bank email scam warning. If you recieve this email, don't click on their link. Its not from this bank...

Dear Customer,

We have introduced an Advance Account Identification Security Service to improve the safety and security of our online banking customers accounts. This security feature closely secures all TCF online accounts from malicious and authorized access. Therefore, all TCF online banking customers are required to enable the Advance Account Identification Security Service immediately by verifying their Account Identification Information on the link below.

Please click here to removed

Meanwhile, TCF Bank reserves the right to suspend all accounts that do not have this service enabled for security reasons.

Thank you for Banking with us.

Customer Service Department.

Dear Comcast Mail User - termination of account

Comcast email scam warning...
Dear Comcast Mail User,
Due to the congestion in all comcast mail users accounts, the comcast mail team would be shutting down all unused accounts. In order to avoid the deactivation of your account, you will have to confirm your e-mail by
filling out your Login Info below . The personal information requested are for the safety of your comcast mail account. Please Fill all information requested.
Date Of Birth: .................................
Country Of Residence:...........................
After you must have followed the instructions in the sheet, your comcast mail account will not be interrupted and will continue as normal. Thank you for your usual co-operation. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Comcast Mail Customer Care
Contact date: 09-04-2010

Comcast Interactive Media Corporation. All rights reserved
Dont fall for this!!! Also notice who sent it.... Comcast Mail [] ... "" is ATT not Comcast.

Lisa Murphy Web Design Donates Web Site for CASA of Peoria County

Lisa Murphy Web Design recently donated the design, development and hosting of a new Web site for local nonprofit organization CASA of Peoria County. The new Web site features a new navigation and a clean design using CASA's signature colors. Included in the new web site is a comprehensive overview of CASA of Peoria County, videos, fundraising events , as well as information about volunteering, donating, and will serve as a portal for volunteers and board members.

“To have someone in our community step-up and take on such a large project at no charge, and complete it in such a short timeframe, is greatly appreciated by the entire CASA family,” said Pamela Perrilles, executive director of CASA of Peoria County. She added, "We knew our old Web site was falling woefully behind and a major overhaul was required. We are so excited about the new site and its anticipated role in building awareness and support of CASA of Peoria County.”

Visit the new web site at

Questionable text ad emails from Linkstar UK Limited

Anyone been receiving the new...

Would you be interested in selling some advertising space on your website, or, etc.?
We act on behalf of a reputable client base and can tailor a text- based ad that would complement your site. We can also offer a 12 month up-front rate for simplicity.
Please let me know if you would like more information.
Kind regards,
Geytchian Wakefield
So far I've had several clients receiving this email from different Linkstar staff  (I call them email spammers.) Having investigating this myself, I would recommend deleting their emails and move on. All you have to do is look up Linkstar UK spam and you'll find tons of others forwarning you.
More information about this here and here.

Web Design Peoria, Illinois - Haitian Hearts

Had the joy of developing a new web site design for Haitian Hearts in Peoria Illinois. A non-profit organization in Peoria, Illinois who is dedicated in saving childrens lives in Haiti.

The new site not only gives important information on the lives of Haiti children, it also showcases beautiful photography taken by John Caroll, physician of Haitian Hearts.

Web Design Peoria, Illinois - Graphic Express

Graphic Express in Peoria Illinois gets a new website.

Graphic Express, Peoria Illinois

Had the joy of developing a new web design project for Graphic Express here in Peoria Illinois.
Graphic Express is a full service commercial printing company and have been servicing the Peoria area for over 20yrs. Check them out soon!

I would like to thank the company (that is still unknown at this time) who recommended Lisa Murphy Web Design. ;)

Email Phishing Alert for AT&T users

Today there seems to be a mass email phishing scam for all AT&T customers. The solicitor (s) are asking for usernames and passwords and pretending to be the AT&T/Bell South team. Do not respond to these emails. Most companies never ever ask for personal information through email.

My client received this exact email...
From: AT&T Mail Server
Sent: Monday, September 21, 2009 7:47:46 AM
Subject: Confirm Your Account

Mail Server Maintenance Mail Server, Mail Server will maintain
the system in order to increase our ability to mail servers and
efficiency in order to match the increase in the number of customers
during 21st September 2009 to 6:00 am to September 29th 2009
at 6.00 pm All customers are required to provide us with the
informationbelow for updating and maintenance.


Note: The absence of this information, your account will be
deleted byour mail server.
As a result, customers may not be able to
use e-mail as well as temporarily period. Sorry for the inconvenience.
There are many more of these on the AT&T forum today, so if you get anything like the above with even more personal questions or sent from someone else...dont reply!!

Internet Trademark Scams - Domain Renewal Scams

I thought I would try and post something useful today. Something that many people fall for because it just looks too legit and they may not know any better.

As a web designer I feel its my job to try and remember to tell my clients who have an online presence (especially new) that they will eventually get spammed or scammed wether it comes in email or snail mail. My usual suggestion is..."If in doubt, ask. But never respond or make a payment till you know for sure."

Ever get emails from Trademark scams...
"We are a Domain Name registration service company, which is a professional Internet Domain Name Registration and dispute resolution organization in China.On August.24th,2009, We received HAITONG Investment company's application that they are registering the name "your company here" as their Internet Trademark and ""、""、""domain names etc.,It is China and ASIA domain names.But..............blah blah"

First thing to notice in the above...they can't type! You can always catch alot scammers by the way they write. Mispelled words, improper punctuation,etc. or they really dont make sense.

Delete! Do not respond...and if in doubt Ask someone. The web is a usefull tool for this. Many others have complained on blogs, forums, etc. so the information is right at your fingertips. Just do a search on the web for the company name, maybe add such words as "scam", "spam"..."YiGuan China Co scam"...look at all the results you get. The first result in Google for "YiGuan China Co scam" is a site with the title scam, scam, scam. You can just tell by all the results other websities have been complaining about this company. Red Flag-delete.

Every year I recieve (and so do others) a Domain Name Expiration Notice in my regular mailbox (poor trees) from Domains Registry of America (and now there's another but I forget the name) that is reminding me that my domain name is about to expire and I must renew my domain name to retain exclusive rights. Pitch it! Most domain and hosting companies do not snail mail people, they email you letting you know your domain name is about to expire and in so many days they will automatically charge your credit card on file...or if you pay by check...make a note of the company you do business with. All others are a fraud or some solicitor.

Know the companies names that you do business with. We seem to remember who our water bill is paid to, our internet provider or phone company...know your domain and hosting company ('s) name. Or if in doubt, comment here and I'll help. ;)

If you want to learn more on website business scams and spam go here. I found this site not long ago. Nicely written, easy read.

Latest Web Design Projects

July 24th finished a new small business website...

Jamie Sanders, owner of J's Event Planning is an event planner in Peoria Illinois. She offers professional event planning services for businesses, nonprofits and many more in central Illinois. This is Jamie's first website for her new business...we had a great time putting it together and what a lovely lady she is.